Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poppy's Peekaboo Dress!  If you haven't made the Poppy's Peekaboo Dress by Create Kids Couture, I highly recommend making one. Now. Stop reading this post and go make it...well, maybe finish this post first. Lol.

The girls at CKC really designed a great dress. It's so cute, I just can't get over it!  The sweetheart bodice is different and adorable on a little girl. The double layer peekaboo skirt is just so cool. 

And the back?  I'm a fairly conservative girl. I don't show skin, I don't even like wearing shorts and I normally dress my daughter conservitavely as well. But I love this back. I don't think it shows too much, the skirt starts at the waist so she's covered pretty well. 

Luckily we are in Florida and we still have some warm weather. Our weather is so weird this year!  We had a freeze and then about two days later it was in the 80's. So strange. Point being, she'll get plenty of use out of this dress. 

This picture was taken just for fun. Of course Jaidyn wouldn't take the dress off after our impromptu photo sesh. She's such a sassy little girl!  I put my camera up and her hands went straight to her hips. I have no idea where she gets it from. 

Jaidyn picked her fabric out a while ago. I ordered the Sofia fabric from Bee Quilted and More a couple months ago and Jaidyn keeps taking it out of my fabric stash and draping it around herself. The best part?  Poppy's Peekaboo doesn't take much fabric at all so I have plenty left. I was going to make Coco's Pettiskirt, also from CKC but I think this dress is poofy enough. 

I am a new CKC fan. Everything I make from them looks so complicated when it's done but is so very easy to make. This was actually a quick sew. I had it sewn, pictures taken and my sewing area cleaned up before Landen came home from school. And that's with taking breaks to be a mommy. And Jaidyn and I had time to watch Tangled. Quicker than quick, faster than fast!

Poppy's Peekaboo Dress is available in doll sizes as well!  They are made to fit 18 inch dolls, but the patterns usually fit my daughters 15" American Girl Bitty baby (also known as Chloe). I'll have to make that next.